alessandro zambelli forms geometrical woodspot lamp
all images courtesy of alessandro zambelli




alessandro zambelli has conceived ‘woodspot’ for mantua-based furnisher, seletti, at the fall 2014 maison et objet in paris. the work is a hexagonal table lamp assembled and varnished entirely by hand. joined to the moulded support are a base and a light diffuser, both made of pine with a natural finish. the two components form an acute angle in relation to one another like the prop of a picture frame, adding stability to the overall structure. with the aesthetic of a three-dimensional, hexagonal shade that appears to expand as it moves towards its resting surface, the emerging beam softens the solid materiality of the wood and casts a warm and compact pool of illuminance within any environment. the 60W device is available in ivory white, flesh pink, and pastel green.

alessandro zambelli woodspot lamp geometrical
pastel green version of ‘woodspot’ lighting up objects on a surface

alessandro zambelli woodspot lamp geometrical
closeup flesh pink version with the base and diffuser standing like a picture frame

alessandro zambelli woodspot lamp geometrical
profile of the lamp showing the wiring, base, molding, and diffuser



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