‘ilbagnoalessi one’ 2010 collection




the evolution of italian company alessi’s ‘ilbangoalessi one’ by laufen and oras, presents new ceramic elements along with tap ware and wood furniture that builds upon the original 2002 project by italian designer stefano giovannoni. ‘ilbagnoalessi one’ is a bathroom system featuring sanitary ware, baths, showers and furniture manufactured and distributed by swiss company laufen, alongside tap ware produced by finnish company oras. the project is lead by alessi.



alessi: ilbagnoalessi one by laufen and oras ‘tuna’




the ‘tuna’ washbasin could be considered the 2010 collection’s ‘hero’ piece. it is available in both wall-mounted and countertop versions. its asymmetrical form features an elongated silhouette, with the shape of the piece gradually moving towards a fine point. its design can be strongly attributed to the work of giovannoni. it is comprised of a spacious basin and generous counter top crafted in ceramic, created as a single pieces.



alessi: ilbagnoalessi one by laufen and oras ‘tuna’



alessi: ilbagnoalessi one by laufen and oras ‘tam tam’ (freestanding)




‘tam tam’ is already an icon within the existing collection. using monocoque, (a technique that supports the structure using its own exterior), this floor-standing washbasin is now available in a new free-standing version (H90 cm), that can be placed anywhere within the bathroom environment. the basin is cast in a single piece using the traditional fine fire clay production technique, of which laufen is a specialist. the inner plumbing workings are housed within a single column. one of the new shapes introduced as part of the 2010 catalogue is the ‘half tam tam’, a countertop washbasin (H40 cm)



alessi: ilbagnoalessi one by laufen and oras ‘half tam tam’




other new elements to the 2010 catalogue is a console washbasin with an integrated ceramic counter, oval-shaped semi-recessed basin and basin mixer washbasin. there is also a new shower enclosure which fits a 1200 x 800 mm tray. a semi-recessed bath made from sanitary acrylic, measuring 2030 x 1020 mm also joins the collection, and is accompanied by two bench options, complimenting a range of bathroom furniture that includes shelving units with sliding doors and mirrored elements. underlavatory bases also offer storage compartments and silent soft close drawers. they come available in veneered eastern black walnut with a water-repellent coating, or a white hand-lacquered surface combined with a waterproof, scratch resistant techno-marble countertop.