‘muscle’, 2009 by alexandre moronnoz steel, zinc coat & heat-lacquered paint finish

french designer alexandre moronnoz has created a series of urban furniture made from metal and timber. the pieces include ‘muscle’, ‘Y’ and ‘interferences’.

alexandre moronnoz: urban seating

like the fibrous tendons of a muscle, its metal blades compress and stretch to maintain rigidity that is convivial and dynamic. as in ‘interférence’, movement is caught in tension by repeating a sequence in metal. alexandre moronnoz: urban seating ‘Y’, 2006 retified timber with no surface treatment, external resistance. digitally milled.

‘Y’ is a prototype for furnishing parks and gardens that grew out of VIA project assistance grant in 2006. a standard Y-shaped piece ( 3 limbs = 3 different postures) proposes continual movement in which the repetition of a module in wood serves a form.

alexandre moronnoz: urban seating interferences, 2007the insistent structure of this piece scanned in metal suggests the rhythm of a volt-meter registering the pulse of the city – it is an industrial electrocardiogram.

alexandre moronnoz: urban seating interferences, 2007 steel, laser-cut, folded & welded. zinc electroplate & epoxy paint finish