at salone del mobile 2017, alf dafrè dedicates its space to four settings within the living area of the home, three of which to the bedroom environment. contrastingly shifting between warm and cold colors, each of the rooms showcase a different interpretation of the italian brand’s contemporary style, highlighting their craftsmanship expertise, carefully selected materials, attention to details. during milan design week, new furniture items have been added to their collections and thus into the four rooms of their stand, created through collaborations with designers; gordon guillaumier, giulio iacchetti, enrico cesana and carlo trevisani.

the cabinet of gordon guillaumier’s ‘RIGADIN’ collection
all images courtesy of alf group



designing across multiple spaces, styles and living arrangements, alf dafrè employs a similar philosophy across all their work, delivering excellence with complete attention to design detail and high quality manufacturing. based in treviso, italy, the brand references the latest trends of today with unique interpretations that highlight the finesse of italian design and craftsmanship. read below to see alf dafrè’s new furniture collections, as well as exclusive quotes from the designers.

alf dafrè showcases italian-made furniture at salone del mobile 2017
its grooved lines highlight the craftsmanship of alf dafrè



partnering with alf dafrè for the very first time, milan-based designer gordon guillaumier presents two new items at salone del mobile 2017. named after the traditional striped design found on murano glasses, ‘RIGADIN’ is a set of a cabinet and sideboard that are characterized by simple lines grooved into their oak panels. these elements showcase the brand’s artisanal quality of woodwork, and sit between a light steel structure and a marble top, which is also available in metal painted antracite for the table edition. furthermore guillaumier has conceived an elegant bed that sources its title and inspiration from a lightweight jetty floating on water. ‘JETTY’ features a steel tube frame that, with the use of a leather upholstered panel, becomes a refined headboard.

the ‘JETTY’ bed by gordon guillaumier



at salone del mobile, designboom spoke with gordon guillaumier, who commented:I started collaborating with alf dafrè one year ago and since the beginning there has been a good vibe and the results prove it. before working together, for me it was really important to understand the company, what they do, their history, their production processes and their market.’ 

a leather upholstered panel transforms the steel frame into an ergonomic headboard


alf dafrè showcases italian-made furniture at salone del mobile 2017
gordon guillaumier
portrait © andrea basile


alf dafrè showcases italian-made furniture at salone del mobile 2017
giulio iacchetti’s ‘AILERON’ chair



italian designer giulio iacchetti presents the ‘AILERON’ chair for alf dafrè, which references elements of familiarity and nordic styles. beneath the seemingly simple form, intriguing technical details are hidden. none more important that the two harmonious steel elements that connect the body with the edge of the backrest, which enables movement that mirrors that of the spine support. described as ‘sturdy, comfortable and ergonomic’, the ‘AILERON’ chair is suitable for both home and public environments.

alf dafrè showcases italian-made furniture at salone del mobile 2017
the chair features two steel elements that connects its body to its backrest


interview with giulio iacchetti
video © designboom


alf dafrè showcases italian-made furniture at salone del mobile 2017
‘COPENAGHEN’ sofa by enrico cesana



on the occasion of salone del mobile 2017, enrico cesana debuts two new furniture items for alf dafrè. the first, titled ‘COPENAGHEN’ sofa, adorns a simple and balanced form that is versatile to fit into any space. furthermore, in spite of its modest size, the couch offers extreme comfort making it suitable for everyday use. extending comfort further, cesana presents the ‘JORDY’ bed, which includes a textile headboard that tilts upon a simple touch. again, the furniture piece resembles a very complementary design, and reflects warmth through its wooden frame and softness thanks to its fabric upholstery.

alf dafrè showcases italian-made furniture at salone del mobile 2017

‘JORDY’ bed by enrico cesana



‘I’ve collaborated with alf dafrè for around three years and it is a company that enthusiasts me because of how passionate they are about their work. today we work in a proactive manner, as we understand the incredible potential alf dafrè has.’ – enrico cesana in conversation with designboom at salone del mobile.

alf dafrè showcases italian-made furniture at salone del mobile 2017
enrico cesana
portrait © enrico cesana


the ‘SPIN’ table by carlo trevisani



additionally, carlo trevisani has reinterpreted the traditional round table in a contemporary and unconventional way. with a focus on its assembly, the ‘SPIN’ table provides a sophisticated, light and dynamic appearance, as well as great technical and design quality. the laser cut central base creates a structurally solid foundation that is easy on the eye and supports the top, which is available in a variety of different materials and finishes.

alf dafrè showcases italian-made furniture at salone del mobile 2017
carlo trevisani
portrait © anna mainenti



‘my relationship with alf drafrè has been in crescendo since the past couple of years. we met by chance and share the same origin as well as a deep passion for wood. they have experience in the production of wood while I enjoy working with my hands, resulting in the perfect dialogue.’ carlo trevisiani to designboom at the fair.