align pen by beyond object is asymmetrical when open or closed




the ‘align pen’ draws influences from the german gestalt design psychology which explains how the human mind tends to organize information. conceived by london-based studio beyond object (hanhsi chen and shikai tseng), the writing utensil’s physical aspects change in appearance when open or closed, employing the intuitive impulses of human behavior to operate its key mechanism.


align pen beyond object designboom
the sculptural design offers a pleasant and practical grip




the ‘align pen’ is divided into three parts, with the middle section misaligned with the rest of the shaft – dislocated with a twist – when it is closed; you must align this part with the rest of the body, leaving the back of the design out-of-place when in use. despite its asymmetry, the ‘align pen’ is conceived to have the balance required by such a top-end piece, while offering a pleasant and practical grip.


align pen beyond object designboom
a unique twist of the middle section opens and closes the writing utensil




the body of the ‘align pen’ is manufactured entirely from aerospace grade aluminium. this material is remarkably durable and light, which makes it ideal for such an object. the inner elements also include gears made out of brass, a material used in many clockwork mechanisms.


align pen beyond object designboom
the middle section is misaligned when the pen is closed




the integrated clip device doesn’t break the sculptural harmony of the body, as it is hidden in the middle part of the pen. by pressing on the top edge of this part, a lever instrument opens the fastener so that you can hang it wherever you want. beyond object aimed to transcend the classical twisting or clicking instrument by developing this precise and user friendly piece of engineering.


beyond object are currently seeking funding on kickstarter for the ‘align pen’ here.


the clip device has been designed to sit flush with the rest of the pen’s body so as to not interrupt its sculptural form


align pen beyond object designboom
the ‘align pen’ comes in a matte black or matte silver finish


align pen beyond object designboom
up close of the pen’s twisting mechanism


align pen beyond object designboom
the writing utensil in its closed position


align pen beyond object designboom
the pen changes its physical alignment indicating its open or closed state


align pen beyond object designboom
the pen also comes in a mini version that is composed of two sections rather than three


how the ‘align pen’ works
video courtesy of beyond object


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