aljoud lootah forms geometric furniture for design days dubai 2015
images courtesy of aljoud lootah




for design days dubai 2015, UAE-based designer aljoud lootah has created the ‘oru series’ furniture collection, which makes its debut at the emirate’s downtown dubai district from march 16th through 20th, 2015. the pieces draw reference from the intricately crafted geometries that derive from the ancient japanese art of origami forms, with the name ‘oru’ originating from the japanese words ‘to fold.’ the collection comprises four pieces: a table lamp, a chair, a decorative mirror and a cabinet with an exposed shelving unit, each designed from a mixed use of materials such as teak wood, felt and copper.


‘the idea behind the designs is to show that folding a flat, two-dimensional sheet can create aesthetically appealing functional three-dimensional forms,’ lootah describes. ‘I prefer to work and manipulate materials with my own hands and have always been fascinated by paper engineering so ‘oru’ feels such a natural direction for me.’

the cabinet comprises an exposed shelving unit

books can be added to the shelves and outer shell
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the decorative mirror
aljoud-lootah-oru-geometric-furniture-design-days-dubai-designboom-04 aljoud-lootah-oru-geometric-furniture-design-days-dubai-designboom-12
the piece can be attached to the corner of a wall
image © designboomaljoud-lootah-oru-geometric-furniture-design-days-dubai-designboom-06
the table lamp from the ‘oru’ seriesaljoud-lootah-oru-geometric-furniture-design-days-dubai-designboom-08
geometries and folds inform the chair from the collectionaljoud-lootah-oru-geometric-furniture-design-days-dubai-designboom-09  aljoud-lootah-oru-geometric-furniture-design-days-dubai-designboom-11 
the chair at design days dubai 2015
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the designer shows a small model which informed the folds from the collection
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portrait of aljoud lootah
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