aljoud lootah reinterprets ancient weaving craft with misnad + uwairyan carpets
images courtesy of aljoud lootah




forming a contemporary interpretation of an ancient form of art, emirati designer aljoud lootah adapts history and tradition to modern needs in the making of two handwoven carpets. ‘misnad’ and ‘uwairyan’ are informed by the practice of ‘alsadu’, an indigenous style of weaving characterized colorful motifs and narrow bands of geometric patterning. primarily exercised by women in rural communities of the united arab emirates who produce furnishings and accessories for the home, the craft and the resulting items are imbued with social artifacts and cultural values as well.


presented at warehouse 421 in abu dhabi, the two rugs reinterpret the geometric influence of alsadu weaving with a modern twist. ‘misnad’ and ‘uwairyan’ are made of 100% wool and have been woven by skilled artisans in afghanistan.

‘misnad’ and ‘uwairyan’ are informed by an indigenous style of weaving

the two rugs reinterpret the geometric influence of alsadu weaving with a modern twist




‘uwairyan عويريان’ is a modular carpet featuring an intricate network of geometric patterns, informed by the alsadu weaving craft and technique. this small area rug allows users to customize the flooring by using adapting one, two, three or four carpets together in a single configuration. fringe extends from one edge of the carpet, forming symmetrical lines that reference by the trimmings often found on both sides of a traditional carpet.

the modular carpet features an intricate network of geometric patterns

the small rugs can be adapted into multiple, customizable configurations 




a ‘misnad’ is a cushion that is mainly used in a traditional low seat to rest against. lootah’s interpretation is the ‘misnad مسند’ carpet with fractal-like patterns, attached to a black leather bench. the resulting configuration offers two different options for sitting: as a stool — for users to sit atop — and as a back rest, when sitting on the length of the carpet stretched on the floor.

the ‘misnad مسند’ carpet is attached to a black leather bench

the two conjoined pieces provide multiple options for sitting and lounging 

alsadu: an indigenous style of weaving which uses colored motifs and patterns as decorative elements