the ‘[email protected] lounge’ at the helsinki airport

the ‘almost @ home‘ lounge at helsinki’s vantaa airport is designed to offer the comforts of a traditional finnish home to travelers. decorated with artwork and comfortable furniture, the lounge is complete with kitchen, dining room, bar, shower, office, and play area, in addition to specialty ‘corners’ dedicated to coffee, tea, and couches. the kitchen serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as snacks. there are books, HP computers, newspapers, and magazines available for clients’ use, and wool socks may even be borrowed from the reception desk. the lounge is furnished with finnish producer artek‘s ‘2nd cycle‘ sustainability project, which refurbishes found stools and chairs.

‘almost @ home’ is open to all airline card holders, and to other international passengers for 59 USD (45 euro) for a day’s stay of up to three hours. it is located in terminal 2 of the airport.

almost @ home airport lounge the living room

almost @ home airport lounge the space also serves as a kind of art gallery

almost @ home airport lounge the children’s play area is furnished with toys for kids to play with

almost @ home airport lounge