ami drach + dov ganchrow studio raises questions with cross-shaped screw-head
image © moti fishbain




in order to prove that ‘god is in the details’, tel-aviv-based studio ami drach and dov ganchrow has created a screw-head with a christian cross shape, bringing up a series of questions that go from its traditional design, to why do we tend to see things like faces in fire hydrants, house façades and faucets, to freedom of expression. by pushing technologies and aesthetics in new directions, the designers have achieved an overlap between content and form with this product that is unavoidable and somewhat humorous.

ami drach dov ganchrow
18k gold plated metal, 38mm x 11mm
image © moti fishbain




at a time when cartoonists, illustrators, and caricaturists are at the forefront of a cultural battle of artistic freedom of expression, objects too can play a role for a more expansive and contemporary discussion of cultural and religious traditions. the designers reflect and ask themselves some questions, ‘what object would be assembled with this screw? a sacred altar or an office desk? whatever the object, a new relationship will have been established between the screw and the whole, for ‘god is in the details.’



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edited by: juliana neira | designboom