amnesty international 50th anniversary campaign by euro RSCG fidel castro poster

prague, czech republic-based marketing and creative agency euro RSCG has developed an advertising campaign for the 50th anniversary of amnesty international. the project pictures cake-sculpted heads of dictators fidel castro of cuba and alexander lukashenko of belarus with a slice taken out of each leader’s mouth. the campaign depicts the organization’s accomplishments in a light-hearted or celebratory manner as illustrated by martin kubac with the art and creative direction orchestrated by pavel sobeck, eda kauba, and jacub kolarik. the two dictator cakes are paired with the text ‘50 years together with you cutting down the voice of oppression‘ as the campaign seeks to congratulate all individuals involved in this world-wide effort.

amnesty international campaign silences dictators in cakealexander lukashenko poster

amnesty international campaign silences dictators in cake detailed view of alexander lukashenko cake