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AMO sets prada's FW24 menswear show in office space maze above glass-covered garden

AMO designs set of Prada’s FW24 menswear show in milan


In Milan, Prada’s FW24 menswear fashion show is adorned by the set design of AMO, the research and design studio of OMA, and imagines a labyrinthine office space on top of a glass-encased zen garden below the runway’s platform. Before entering the maze-like office interior, models traverse a lifelike rendition of a corporate setting with blue-colored cubicles, dirty-white desks, and single computer screens. It evokes the everyday routine of office workers in a windowless and almost sterile environment.


As soon as the models step out of this seemingly lifeless space, they walk through AMO’s set design, still staging an office interior but revived by a convivial life evoked through the manmade garden below their feet and the glass platform. The labyrinthine office space is adorned with cushioned armless corporate chairs where the attendees sit, and a mist-like effect floats in the air, imbuing Prada’s FW24 show with a humane attempt to add color to the often-monotonous portrayal of an office environment.

amo prada fw24 show milan set design
images courtesy of Prada



Giving the labyrinthine office interior a green life


For its FW24 show, Prada’s theme revolves around demonstrating the paradoxical dichotomy between an office interior and a natural landscape. This vision unfolds tangibly through AMO’s undertaking, imagined through the use of furniture and elements from everyday life. Even the show’s walls are covered with blue panels typically seen in a corporate environment. Prada believes AMO’s set design for its FW24 show in Milan helps explore the ‘fundamental truths of humanity, our natural instincts, our emotional needs.’


AMO and Prada then depict a business planet where seasons with weather, not an artificial reality, permeate the space. ‘There is a sense of the outdoors, of the actuality of nature, and a direct expression of the desire to go outside, to experience the world. There is a simple assertion of a deep and essential human need to connect with the world around us. The seasonal rhythms of nature, the natural order, determine gestures within garments,’ says Prada. From the clothes to AMO’s set design, the FW24 show in Milan, albeit not well-lit to evoke the office environment, may call for greenery within an aseptic-looking atmosphere.

amo prada fw24 show milan set design
aerial view of AMO’s set design for Prada’s FW24 menswear show in Milan

amo prada fw24 show milan set design
mist covers the set design for Prada’s FW24 menswear show in Milan

amo prada fw24 show milan set design
AMO arranges the office chairs in a spiralling setting

amo prada fw24 show milan set design
there is a manmade garden below the runway platform

amo prada fw24 show milan set design
the zen-like garden juxtaposes the office interior of the show


AMO’s set design entrance to the runway

amo prada fw24 show milan set design
before entering the runway, a lifelike office space greets the modes and visitors

amo prada fw24 show milan set design
the set design explores the‘fundamental truths of humanity, our natural instincts, our emotional needs’


Prada’s FW24 menswear show office interior


project info:


name: Prada FW24 show

fashion house: Prada

design: AMO

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