outside appearance and inside character transformation

new york based interaction designer, amy chien has created ‘address me’, a wearable piece of art that is meant to communicate individual identity.

society can easily pull us away from our true self. it is necessary for us to re-evaluate ourselves once in a while in order to improve our quality of life. by finding the balance between outside appearance and inside character, the object aims to be a piece that would remind one of who they are and what they do. the before and after transformation of the dress represents an outer protection – the action of a personality being pulled by today’s society – and the inner self that is revealed and exposed.

amy chien: address me  outside appearance with the shells rolled up

amy chien: address me inspirational messages remind users who they are and what they do

amy chien: address me

amy chien: address me inspirational messages are revealed when society is pulling the true self out

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