‘noe project’

‘noe project’ by andrás rigler from france is one of the 150 shortlisted entries from the recent designboom competition ‘the intelligent hand’ in collaboration with macef.

noe project is hand-made molding, in which rigler has included small figurines as a means to shake-up the often mute, geometric or plant-based themes of this decorative art. it is a tribute to animals, insects and their undeniable virtues. the ‘trophies’ of this prototype are molded and applied one by one onto the moulding’s base. all made of plaster.

the jury is almost finished making their selections and the results of the competition will be unveiled on january 15th, 2010.

andras rigler: noe project bears, wolves, gorillas are applied to the molding by hand

andras rigler: noe project

andras rigler: noe project the figurines are arranged to create a pattern along the molding

andras rigler: noe project detail

andras rigler: noe projectceiling medallion with figurines

andras rigler: noe projectdetail

process work:

andras rigler: noe projectindividual application of the figurines

andras rigler: noe project figurines in their rubber molds and arranged, ready for assembly

andras rigler: noe project detail