portuguese designer andré teoman finds beauty in imperfection and explores a fresh take on welding with a series of metal furniture pieces called ‘SOLDITA’. inspired by tattoos and ancient scarification rituals, the act of welding transforms the plain metal surfaces into tactile, decorated objects. the collection takes its name from the combination of two portuguese words, solda (weld) + bonita (beautiful), creating SOLDITA.

soldita drawing with metal 2

images courtesy of andré teoman studio



SOLDITA was ideated during the first coronavirus lockdown. teoman decided to combine his love for drawing with the welding skills of a local friend and producer, making the whole project possible without needing to travel. SOLDITA breaks the preconceived idea that some materials are limited to a single purpose and that beauty can only be found in perfection. the project aims to make us think about welding not just as a structural technique but also as a creative vehicle that turns mundane objects into something beautifully decorated.

soldita drawing with metal 6

SOLDITA cabinet



just as tattoos or scarification use the body as a surface for the imprint of culture, the whole series tells the story of earth, fire, water and wind — the four primary elements needed to work metals since the medieval ages. from a distance, the welding appears like a pattern, however, on closer inspection, the contemporary elements become more prominent.

soldita drawing with metal 1

finished detail



‘I wanted to simulate what tattoo artists do by drawing on a piece of furniture and making it storytelling and long-lasting,’  explains the designer. ‘and at the same time giving a new and fresh approach to a timeless technique such as welding.’

soldita drawing with metal 3

production detail

soldita drawing with metal 5

bench detail

soldita drawing with metal 4

bench detail

soldita drawing with metal 10

SOLDITA cabinet

soldita drawing with metal 9


soldita drawing with metal 11


soldita drawing with metal 8

concept drawing



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design: andré teoman studio


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