‘UCLA’ typographic furniture (aerial view) by andrew byrom photo by karen lauritsen

‘if we allow ourselves to view, and practice, one art-form through the lens of another – and truly embrace the associated constraints and processes – can we open up new and undefined directions for exploration? if ‘h’ is a chair, then what do the other 25 characters look like?’ -andrew byrom

british born, california based designer andrew byrom has just sent us images and a video of his recent TEDx presentation at UCLA (university of california, los angeles), entitled ‘if h is a chair’. byrom explained his experimental approach to typeface design and his experiences collaborating with others.

he also unveiled typographic furniture, an installation of tables and chairs outside the venue that appeared ‘live’ on screen at the end of the talk. being on the same level as the tables, they seemed like normal furniture, but viewing them from above, the audience surprisingly recognized the typography, displaying the name of the university. images of the installation will be used for the upcoming UCLA extension catalog cover.

andrew byrom: if h is a chair

andrew byrom: if h is a chair

andrew byrom: if h is a chair

andrew byrom: if h is a chair photo by karen lauritsen

andrew byrom: if h is a chair andrew byrom at the TEDx UCLA talk

video © TEDx