bye, android! google gives logo a makeover with capital A and 3D robot that changes skins

bye, android! google gives logo a makeover with capital A and 3D robot that changes skins

Android logo gets a big A and even bigger typeface


Google rebrands Android by making changes to its famed logo. Some may not realize it, but the word ‘android’ has always been in lowercase letters. Until Google steps in to capitalize ‘A’ and adds more weight to the font type and size. Now, the word Android is chunkier and rounder. Some may notice how the curvy logo design reflects Google’s very own. That is because this is the path the brand wants to take.


Having a similar appearance to Google makes Android feel like it really is part of the tech family. They now fall in the same umbrella based on their visual elements. As the changes take place, Google says that they hope the small but ‘significant updates’ to the Android typeface ‘will better communicate the relationship between Android devices and the Google apps and services people already know,’ Google concludes. 

google android logo
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Google to release new updates starting this year


It is not the first time Android has undergone changes. In 2019, Google changed its logo to make it easier to read. Giving names to the Android releases followed, transitioning from sweet and dessert update names such as Lollipop to simpler ones like Android 13 and 14.


The changes aimed to make it easier for the user what kind of updates they were receiving. Other than the capitalization of A and chunkier logo typeface, Google modernizes the operating system’s robot too. From a 2D green figure, bugdroid – the official name of the Android robot – is now a dynamic 3D character that can dress up, rotate, and maybe even dance in the future.


It can shift its color from its recognizable green to furry skin, light bulb costume, rainbow clothing, and more. Google also updated the robot’s full-body appearance to make it easier for them to channel it online and in real world. A mascot 3D Android robot may be easier to produce than the previous version. Google says that users will start seeing the new aspects of the brand identity appear on Android devices and in more places starting this year.

google android logo
Android robot is now a 3D character that can move, rotate, and maybe even dance

google android logo
Google showcases the ‘subtle changes’ it made for the rebranding of Android logo

google android logo
previous logos of Android


Google rebrands Android


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