angeletti ruzza uses DA A’s industrial machinery to create delicate laser-cut space divider




DA A is where the heavy-duty mechanical industry meets design. owned by ALCAR metal industries, the company produces detailed customizable furniture pieces, alongside massive hardware in one of the largest factories in italy. in this alternative to mass production, DA A has invited twelve creatives to take on italy’s industrial know-how and face a new challenge: to make home furnishings using the tools and machinery normally employed to construct buckets, arms and frames for earthmoving equipment.


‘anacleto’ by angeletti ruzza
indoor – outdoor divider made of laser-cut sheet metal shown with anodic bronze finish; also available in grazalema white, grey 2900 and black 7021




DA A’s production is based on maintaining a flexible relationship between the designer and the company’s material specialization in metal; as well as industrial processes and craftsmanship in welding, bending and finishing. through this approach, the brand adds new value to the furniture market, as well as enhanced productive capacity through its combination of technological solutions, and appreciation of traditional workmanship.
anacleto & bianconiglio by angeletti ruzza for daa designboom
detail of the laser cutting of ‘anacleto’




studio angeletti ruzza was among the designers invited by DA A to work with its heavy-duty machinery and sheet metal materials, from which they conceived a series of indoor-outdoor screens. ‘anacleto’ and ‘bianconiglio’ draw their forms from nature, and offer an optical illusion — the perfect balance between absence and presence. taking the shape of an owl and a rabbit respectively, angeletti ruzza’s creations add character to spaces in a way that convey a simple elegance that withstand the passage of time.


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angeletti-ruzza_anacleto-&-bianconiglio_daa_designboom_004 angeletti-ruzza_anacleto-&-bianconiglio_daa_designboom_005
the divider can be used indoors and outdoors

‘bianconiglio’ by angelettiruzza
laser-cut sheet metal with a grazalema white finish; also available in anodic bronze, grey 2900 and black 7021


technical drawing of the design’s simplicity

technical drawing of ‘anacleto’