anna szonyi fans boomerang bench for the dubai design district
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designed as a public seating installation for the city of dubai, the ‘boomerang bench‘ by anna szonyi acts as an adaptable, customizable and functional furniture within a continuously transforming urban space. conceptually, the multi-person piece draws reference from time lapse stills of movement, when individual elements occupying each moment are revealed in a slightly shifted position with the passing of time. comprised of adjustable number of solid wood pieces supported on a steel structure, szonyi’s ‘boomerang bench’ follows the lines of the traditional throwing tool that bears the same name. each boomerang rotates to create a continuous and constantly changing fanning effect that allows for innumerable seating compositions and configurations.



boomerang bench
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‘boomerang bench’ has been selected as the winning scheme for urban commissions for their annual competition, which aims to promote the diverse local creative and production industries. in its finality, the bench occupies a site in the city’s emerging dubai design district (D3), where it engages with the community and serves as a mark of the city’s growing design-conscious development.

the bench is conceived as a public seating installation for the city of dubai

‘boomerang bench’ is an adaptable, customizable and functional furniture

an adjustable number of solid wood pieces supported on a steel structure

the wooden pieces are shaped as boomerangs and fanned along a steel axis

the boomerang bench at its site in the dubai design district

the bench can be adapted as one long seat, or individual ones

multiple configurations can be created based on the number of people seated

rotated on an axis, the fanned boomerangs continuously change and adapt



boomerang bench at design days dubai
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