‘home traveller’ by anne lorenz image © designboom

hamburg-based product designer, anne lorenz has created ‘home traveller’, a combination storage chest and handbag. the mobile object is on show as part of [D3] design talents at imm cologne 2011.

measuring 70 x 60 x 40cm, the soft leather bag is a hybrid accessory and storage unit for the home. acting as a piece of portable furniture, the bag can be easily transported, changing its function to suit the needs of its user.

anne lorenz: home traveller positioned upright image © designboom

when filled with contents, the bag sits upright, supported by the sturdiness of its wooden base. when not in use the bag compresses into a flat and easy to store item.

anne lorenz: home traveller inside image © designboom

anne lorenz: home traveller a zipper contains the contents of the bag when on the move image © designboom

anne lorenz: home traveller designer anne lorenz demonstrates the bag being carried on her shoulder image © designboom

anne lorenz: home traveller images courtesy of anne lorenz