anti-nasty league identity and packaging by TDR


The Designers Republic (TDR) told us more about their politically fuelled graphics for ‘anti-nasty league’ the seventh album by the british band Pop Will Eat Itself (PWEI).



designboom: how did the project came about?


ian anderson: TDR™ has worked with PWEI on all aspects of the PWEI brand (packaging / merchandise / stage sets / everything) since 1988 so there’s a strong personal link between us, and sense of community with the fans. this is the second PWEI album since graham reformed the band 5 years ago — TDR™’s work for the b(r)and is an ongoing process / project.



DB: what was the brief?


IA: ’we’re doing a new album — it’s more political and edgy than the last one.’



DB: how did you resolve the brief?


IA: I suggested the name for the album based on the lyrical content and attitude of the new material— which reminded me of my time as a student working with rock against racism and the anti-nazi league in the late 1970s, and the powerful anl design work of david king. the album design was born in the build up to the last election so the title is probably self explanatory.



DB: what aspects of the the final solution are you happiest with?


IA: continuity and cohesion across the whole campaign — it feels like a political campaign, it feels ownable — this is why we focussed on the anti nasty league rather than the name of the band


CD packaging

CD packaging


3xCD boxset


3xCD sleeve back covers 


vinyl album and its packaging

vinyl packaging