milan-based designer antonio facco has created the ‘mondo’ — a sophisticated lamp which reminds viewers of a globe. mondo comprises four movable metal shades mounted in pairs that overlap each other, allowing those nearby to interact with the lamp.

antonio facco invites interactivity with globe-shaped 'mondo' lamps
mondo pendant and mondo floor lamp are made in steel and opal glass
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‘mondo offers the possibility of interaction, in a simple, intuitive and analog way’, says antonio facco. ‘the beholder can intervene and change the aesthetics by moving the metal masks, manage the patterns, and control the light effect. now when we see the finished product it’s hard to understand that we struggled a lot to find a solution for changing the bulb’.  because of the construction with a horizontal movement, there was no obvious way to reach the bulb, but then antonio presented the idea of making one solid shade to hide a hole behind.

antonio facco invites interactivity with globe-shaped 'mondo' lamps
diameter/height:  280/365 mm (pendant), 500/1530 mm (floor lamp)



‘I am very attracted and influenced by participative art. I am interested in observing people and fascinated by the idea of being able to involve them into the creative process, authorizing them to become co-authors, because of the unpredictable nature of points of view’, explains antonio. ‘likewise, programmed art: with mondo lamp my ambition was to create an object which would offer the public countless possibilities, thanks to the overlapping layers, with a refined and well-defined design. mondo aims at being a product that invites to the interaction and gives value to the importance of the relationship between the man and the object, denying quietly the idea of obsolescence.’

antonio facco invites interactivity with globe-shaped 'mondo' lamps
the lamps will be presented by facco’s studio and oblure at the maison & objet fair in paris in january 2018

antonio facco invites interactivity with globe-shaped 'mondo' lamps
designer antonio facco with the mondo pendant 


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