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antoniolupi sculpts baths and sinks with translucent, colorable cristalmood

antoniolupi cristalmood: resistant like stone, transparent like crystal


antoniolupi’s cristalmood is an innovative material, patented by antoniolupi, that poetically juxtapositions the seemingly opposite characteristics of solid yet light and tough yet intricate. it is resistant like stone but also transparent like crystal. whether creating bathroom sinks or bathtubs, the material is able to realize highly sculptural, dramatic and daring designs that appear lightweight. it gives a glossy, colorable and translucent properties that highlight the interplay of light, reflections and refractions as its products place water as the protagonist.

antoniolupi sculpts baths and sinks with translucent, colorable cristalmood
the borghi round sink in vespero with a cork natural floor-stand and the borghi oval bathtub in notturno

all images courtesy of antoniolupi



material and craft


the antoniolupi cristalmood material is the result of the italian bathroom furnishing brand’s constant research and development. the solution creates softly-shaped objects that weigh about 30% less than normal, all whilst restoring the role of protagonist to water. its transparency makes it possible to observe the flow of the liquid into the baths or sinks. a variety of 12 colors elevates the designs further.



cristalmood demands a complex craft. resin is manually poured into molds. once solidified and extracted, the objects must be finished by sanding and polishing to remove imperfections inside and out. each product is unique due to its handcrafted nature, displaying slight differences in colors, size and small airbubbles that give it soul and authenticity.

antoniolupi sculpts baths and sinks with translucent, colorable cristalmood
the borghi sink and oval bathtub in mostato with the meteo recessed shower head (right)



poetic, lightweight bathtubs


designed by AL studio design, the reflex is a new bathtub realized through cristalmood. it distinguishes a pure oval form that is highly ergonomic as it gently slopes inwards towards its base. the crystal bowl-like shape displays an interplay as water pours in from the slim, free-standing mixer.



the borghi bathtub also amazes with its oval form. the subtle edges pen a pure, capacious and ergonomic volume that appears as if floating in space thanks to its narrow base. the result reveals a modern aesthetic to match its innovative material.


the reflex oval bathtub in gran cru



sculptural, contrasting sinks


like the namesake bathtub, the borghi sink – created in collaboration with gumdesign – is a sculptural piece of bathroom furniture. its geometric shape hints at its tuscan inspiration. the design’s either natural or toasted cork base can be mixed and matched in over 300 unexpected combinations that contrast materials, textures and shades.

antoniolupi sculpts baths and sinks with translucent, colorable cristalmood
the albume sink in gran cru with a black marquinia marble pedestal and the reflex oval bathtub in gran cru



designed in collaboration with carlo colombo, the albume sink enhances the precious reflections of the cristalmood material with pedestals of marble, which are well suited to refined spaces. the clean, minimal volume of the sink is available in two different shapes. it helps create a poetry of opposites as the eye alternates between the strong, solid base and the transparent basin. lastly, the warmth and brilliance of the bronze and brass mixers interact with the colored washbasins.

antoniolupi sculpts baths and sinks with translucent, colorable cristalmood
the reflex oval bathtub in ceruleo and the opale decagonal sink and pedestal in ceruleo



also designed along with carlo colombo, the opale sink sources its geometry and character from the namesake precious stone. the basin’s multi-faceted image – like the gem – revels in spontaneous, colored reflections as water is poured in. the top can be supported by a marble pedestal or suspended with a similarly opaque volume. these decagonal or round shapes refer to the classic beauty of archetypical architecture to compose balanced proportions overall.

antoniolupi sculpts baths and sinks with translucent, colorable cristalmood
the astro sink in fumé



the astro and aura sinks – designed in collaboration with marco piva – both appear as liquefied but solidified forms at the same time. as if an ice cube slowly melting away, the two freestanding sinks change shape with water. the aura basin has a geometry that hints that it was carved out by the force of the flowing liquid. the astro sink, whereas, is more decisive as if molded by a stone falling from above.


the introverso marble sink and the reflex oval bathtub in fumé

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