aparna repurposes salvaged antiques into whimsical chairs
all images courtesy of aparna




indian designer aparna has created a series of whimsical chairs that are based on ancient furniture items. made from grade A teak wood and recycled antique objects, they are intricately craved and heavily influenced by a world of fantasy, each one tells a different story. details such as butterflies, flowers and photo frames are integrated into their structural frames, transforming them into unique works of art. not only offering a sturdy place to sit, they also evoke a sense of opulence and humor as fine silk is contrasted against faux fur, bright colors and hand painted zebra patterns.


‘the towering temple chair acts as a throne and seeks inspiration from old rajasthani temples, havelis and jharokhas. it has a low seat, resembling a ‘diwan’ and is upholstered in a patchwork design made of chinese patterned silk.’ aparna.


the project was listed shortlisted for the IDF awards 2013, a recent competition organized by designboom, in collaboration with the the india design forum (IDF)


(left) the clocktower
(right) the towering temple


the lock & key


the zebra barber


(left) the nizam photo seat
(right) the poppies dining