apostrophy’s colorizes living for tomorrow exhibit in bangkok

all images courtesy of apostrophy’s





sustainability is normally a term that is overused, misused, and abused. however bangkok-based design firm ‘apostrophy’s’ has completed a temporary exhibition to demonstrate practices and propose how to live in the next decade. ‘living for tomorrow’ is on display at the ‘SCG experience’ building from january to april 2014 in bangkok, thailand and manifests sustainable concepts in a series of interactive pieces. set in the lobby of the space, the structure of the installations come from an exploded isometric drawing and is further categorized by a bright color scheme. the main hall pavilion, marked by a red, is an introduction to the project, which is separated in different areas. the structure is used as a central meeting area and has bright signage to the other ‘homes’. the ‘care home’, marked by blue, informs the user about living with those who may need extra help, whether elderly or disabled. the green (in color) ‘eco home’ gives energy saving tips and resources for owners to make their dwellings more ecologically friendly. the yellow ‘smart home’, emphasizes the importance of technology in our future generations.

placed in the lobby of the SCG experience building, ‘living for tomorrow’ will be on display until april 2014

visitors are welcomed in the red hall as the project is introduced from a television

the ‘smart home’ lets users connect to the pavilion with wi-fi by a computer or smartphone

different seating arrangements are placed throughout the exhibition

the ‘care room’ seen in the greater context of the lobby

bold and bright signage is easily read to target a wide audience range

the ‘living for tomorrow’ exhibit in its entirety, symbolic of an axon-drawing