apostrophy’s lights up golden-hued straws for royal rice field
all images courtesy of apostrophy’s



radiating a warm golden glow onto the exterior of SCG experience building in thailand is the immersive light installation by bangkok-based multi disciplinary design firm apostrophy’s. ‘royal rice field’ leads visitors through the site’s main entrance with a luminous wave of large-scale, honey-hued straws. as agricultural export is thailand’s main revenue and rice is considered to be the root of southeast asian culture, the project draws both aesthetic and societal reference from the food source.

lumunious royal rice field by apostrophy’s
‘royal rice field’ by apostrophy’s


the installation is comprised of 300 yellow LED bulbs enclosed by rice grain shaped transparent acrylic panels. each faux-stalk is situated atop an elongated golden stem made from steel tubes fitted with luminous wire. the height and composition of each figure has been adjusted randomly on 15 circular islands and are connected by an underwater electrical system, creating an undulating sea of illumination throughout. light is fed to neighboring plywood text reading ‘long live the king’ that hovers just above the surface of the pool of water, shining a brilliant glow throughout the entryway. the design team has devoted ‘royal rice field’ to the king of thailand, his majesty king bhumibol adulyadej, in homage to him on the celebration of his birthday on december 5th.

lumunious royal rice field by apostrophy’s
interacting with the light installation

lumunious royal rice field by apostrophy’s
an undulating sea of yellow-hued stalks immerse the visitor in the space

lumunious royal rice field by apostrophy’s
a detail view of the luminous stalk of rice

‘long live the king’ illuminated by golden lights