circuit + tassel lamps by apparatus blend contemporary and classic aesthetics
all images courtesy of apparatus




during milan design week 2016, new york-based design studio apparatus debuts two lighting series — ‘circuit’ and ‘tassel‘ — alongside an extension to the ‘portal’ line in marble. conceived as an interplay between movement, shape and materials, the products reflect the brand’s contemporary approach to classic aesthetics. while the ‘circuit’ lamps echo the themes of rhythm and layering, the ‘tassel’ luminaries add ornamental and decorative elements to the studio’s existing catalog. additionally, by continuing the ‘portal’ series, the new tables in marble add a sense of gravity and permanence to the design.

‘circuit’ lamp creates rhythm through the repetition of simple shapes




‘I think what is so interesting about our two new collections of lighting is how opposed they are in inspiration,’ says creative director gabriel hendifar. the circuit series feels very much from the future, with repeating units presented in a matter of fact way that draws on the work of dan flavin. conversely, in creating the tassel series I wanted to capture the feeling of wonderment I remember feeling as a child when looking at the traditional crystal chandeliers that were hung in our home. so much of our process as a studio has been about opposing that purely decorative impulse, I thought it would be interesting to embrace that impulse through a modern lens.’

the new products are conceived as an interplay between movement, shape and materials




the ‘circuit’ collection creates rhythm through the repetition of simple shapes. a glowing glass capsule is nested in a brass shade, forming a contained unit that can be multiplied to create larger fixtures. organized in both stacked and alternating arrangements, the hanging pieces have a graphic presence, emitting a timeless sensibility that feels simultaneously from the future and the past.

‘tassel’ lamp condenses the opulence of a traditional chandelier to a concise design




condensing the opulence of a traditional chandelier, the ‘tassel’ series is evocative of a crystal pendant, with each piece of glass freely suspended from brass rings. light is exaggerated as it filters through mold-blown glass cylinders, emanating from a brass dome. the collection is ornamental and decorative, while maintaining a controlled and imposing quality.

‘tassel’ lamp and ‘portal’ table in marble




the ‘portal’ tables in marble are available in both coffee and dining table editions. the design seeks to connect the proportions of ancient structures to everyday experience, linking together ceremonial and domestic ritual. the imposing forms are fittingly expressed in black italian marble. ‘it was always our intention that the portal tables be produced in marble,’ hendifar says. ‘our first explorations in ash have a lightness and warmth, almost like loose maquettes used to refine form and proportion. the new marble pieces feel like a natural evolution of the concept — confident and permanent.’

‘portal’ table is available in both coffee and dining table versions




‘circuit’ and ‘tassel’ are presented during new york design week 2016 at collective design fair from may 4 -8, 2016. 

the imposing  forms are expressed in italian marble


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