UPDATE 02/10/2021: japanese musician, producer, and designer hiroshi fujiwara has shared three images on his instagram account detailing the apple face mask and its packaging. in typical apple-style, the product is minimal, easy-to-use and reusable. at first, we were curious to know if we would be ever able to buy it, but from what we know, it just for apple employees. 


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09/11/2020: apple has revealed its own protective face mask intended for retail and corporate employees in order to limit the spread of COVID-19, reports bloomberg. created by its own design team in cupertino, california, the mask has been dubbed the apple face mask.

apple has revealed its own face mask design, can soon we buy it?
(main) image by deirdre o’brien
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‘the new apple face mask is light, comfortable, and effective at keeping you and others safe,’ reads a picture MacRumors received from an apple employee recently. featuring a three-layer design, the mask filters both incoming and outgoing particles and like with other cloth masks, it can be washed and reused up to five times.

apple has revealed its own face mask design, can soon we buy it?



apple, who confirmed the news to bloomberg, says that to create its reusable mask, its engineering and industrial design teams conducted research and precise testing to find the best materials to keep their employees safe while not messing up with the supply of medical personal protective equipment.



the company also said it will be delivering the masks to its employees in the course of the next two weeks which means that until now, there are no plans to sell it to the public. apple does provide customers with basic surgical masks, but not the ones designed by them. finally, seems like the tech giant is also working on a transparent face mask.


see more info and images on MacRumors.



project info:


name: apple face mask

company: apple

status: distributed to apple employees