(left): ‘morning glory’, 1994, silk over metal, and ‘anana poof’, 2000, velvet, copper buttons and legs (right): ‘morning glory’, 1994, silk over metal

ayala serfaty, born in tel aviv 1962, studied fine art at the bezalel academy of art in jerusalem, then, in 1985, continued her studies at the middlesex polytechnic in england. in 1993 ayala founded ‘aqua creations‘ with husband albi serfaty, and remains the sole designer of the company.

ayala uses a feminine way to break minimalism in her work, using textures to form surfaces and taking her colours and scale from art. her early work is influenced by underwater plants and creatures, translating the laws of nature into handmade furniture and lighting. while she first worked in sculpture and furniture, now with aqua creations, they are concentrating on lighting. their work has included interiors, site specific lighting and then their ranges of lamps. the sculpted lamps are made of treated silk laid on a metal structure. the silks are hand dyed in india.

aqua creations: ayala serfaty (left): ‘paradise duve’, 1994, hand-painted velvet, leather back, polished metal structure (right): sketch for revised ‘paradise chair’, 2003

aqua creations: ayala serfaty (left): ‘anana’, 1997, micro fiber, metallic buttons and legs (right): ‘bubbles’, 2000, silver lycra