the aram gallery extra ordinary
designers reinterpret common materials for ‘extra ordinary’ at aram gallery
(above) ‘crown jewels’ by lex pott




extra ordinary
now through august 22, 2015
the aram gallery, london


from now until the end of august, a group of young designers present the product of research, exercise and experimentation of different design applications for ubiquitous materials, products and processes. the exhibition ‘extra ordinary’ at london’s aram gallery illustrates the range of functions and aesthetic values that mediums can take on, showcasing the designers’ resourcefulness, imagination and ingenuity.

the aram gallery extra ordinary
‘heatsink chair’ by paul puskarich




each of the chosen designers have discovered surprising facets of ordinary tools and materials, finding new ways to look at the stuff that surrounds us. amsterdam-based designer lex pott drills through a ten cent coin to make gold rings for ‘crown jewels’; jorge penadés‘ ‘structural skin’ series comprises compressed leather scraps as table legs; ying chang moulds bubble wrap into vases for the ‘neolastic’ collection.


the exhibited work seeks to question the traditional perceptions and attitudes towards beauty, posing alternative routes for craft and industry, while inspiring visitors to look at everyday objects and materials with a fresh eye.

the aram gallery extra ordinary
‘structural skin’ by jorge penadés

the aram gallery extra ordinary
‘cardboard stool’ by luisa kahlfeldt

the aram gallery extra ordinary
‘mouldings’ by soft baroque

the aram gallery extra ordinary
‘deposit’ by odd matter

the aram gallery extra ordinary
‘cutting edge sofa’ by martijn rigters

the aram gallery extra ordinary
‘neolastic’ by ying chang

the aram gallery extra ordinary
‘recreate textiles’ by krupka-stieghan studio

the aram gallery extra ordinary
‘wonderfluro’ by rachel harding

the aram gallery extra ordinary
installation view at the aram gallery, london
image © amandine alessandra