japanese designer arashi abe created a chair using ‘asukesi’ waste stones, found abandoned in the soft stone quarries of sapporo, japan. deeply interested in the unique texture and character of ‘asukesi’ (meaning ‘bad stone’ in japanese), which has no commercial value, abe has decided to highlight its appeal as a material through an unexpected one-of-a-kind design. 

arashi abe akuseki stone chair 4
the ‘akuseki’ stone chair
all images courtesy of arashi abe



in order to complete the piece, arashi abe used ‘akuseki’ stone, iron, wire, and wire clamps. since the ‘asukesi’ stone is very soft, he used brick saws, electric drills, and sandpaper to cut it into smaller volumes. the chair consists of module-like ‘asukesi’ units, that connect two stones with a steel joint sandwiched between them. the whole unit is completed by the tensile action of the wire. the structural frame of the chair is assembled with nine ‘akuseki’ units.

arashi abe akuseki stone chair 6
the ‘akuseki’ stone chair from the back — the structural frame composition is clearly visible



the seat was formed by a scrap stone that was produced during the construction of the structural frame. 870 scrap stones with holes drilled into them, were interwoven using tegus. in the end, the seat surface, although made of stones, became as soft as cloth. the production of the ‘akuseki’ stone chair was completed by covering the structural frame with the soft seat surface.

arashi abe akuseki stone chair 5
the ‘akuseki’ stone chair seen from the front



‘when I made the ‘akuseki’ stone chair, I planned to minimize the amount of waste from the stone as much as possible — in fact, I was able to use 95% of the stones I got, as parts of the chair’ shares arashi abe. the combination of the ‘akuseki’ stone, steel, and wire gives an unexpected ‘lightness’ and ‘softness’ to the design. meanwhile, the stability of the thin structural frame and the soft stone seat surface generates a surprising effect for users. the ‘akuseki’ stone chair will be open to the public from march 24 to march 31 2021 at the SCU gallery in sapporo, japan.

arashi abe akuseki stone chair 10
the bottom of the seat hangs down to the floor

arashi abe akuseki stone chair 7
designer arashi abe sitting on the ‘akuseki’ stone chair

arashi abe akuseki stone chair 8
detail of the structural frame

arashi abe akuseki stone chair 11
detail of the back

arashi abe akuseki stone chair 9
detail of the seat

arashi abe akuseki stone chair 3
a prototype of the ‘akuseki’ stone unit — a steel joint is sandwiched between two stones and tightened with wires

arashi abe akuseki stone chair 1
‘akuseki’ stone left in large quantities at the quarry

arashi abe akuseki stone chair 2
designer arashi abe cutting ‘akuseki’ stone — since the stone is soft, it can be easily cut with a brick saw

arashi abe akuseki stone chair 12
drawings of the chair



project info:



name: akuseki stone chair
designer: arashi abe



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edited by: myrto katsikopoulou | designboom