architonic archdaily acquires designboom 


today, we are excited to announce that designboom – the world’s first online magazine – has teamed up with architonic and archdaily to create DAAily Platforms, the clear global market leader in premium architecture and design. this follows on from our alliance with architonic for the product library since 2012 and their acquisition of archdaily in 2020.

designboom joins architonic archdaily to create world's biggest online A&D destination
to the power of three!

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the union of architonic archdaily – experts in the curation of architectural and design projects and product information that serves as inspiration to millions of architects globally – and designboom – the foremost online resource for contemporary culture and future visions in architecture, design, technology, art and fashion – creates the biggest online destination for architecture and design.


while continuing to operate as separate and distinctively branded channels, the three platforms together form DAAily Platforms – a single organisation and the NZZ media group’s digital flagship. as one entity, DAAily Platforms shares a common mission: to empower everyone who makes architecture and design happen to create a better quality of life.

designboom joins architonic archdaily to create world's biggest online A&D destination
(top left to bottom right) birgit lohmann, designboom editor-in-chief; massimo mini, designboom CEO; david basulto, archdaily co-founder; stephan bachmann, DAAily Platforms CEO; and tobias lutz, architonic co-founder.



DAAily Platforms – the power of three for both users and clients 


founded in 1999 by designers and art directors birgit lohmann and massimo mini, and our hugely popular social-media channels actively engages a global community represented most strongly in europe, north america and asia. 70% of our total readership is made up of architects and designers.  


we’re delighted to welcome designboom into our newly launched DAAily Platforms group, the ultimate destination for premium architecture and design content,‘ says DAAily Platforms CEO stephan bachmann. ‘while, and each address the needs of architecture and design professionals in a particular way – product content, project content and news content respectively – we are united by our shared values of curation, inspiration, and relevance. together, we form the world’s largest architecture and design community.


for our clients meanwhile, our combined traffic in excess of 270 million visits per year means our ability to offer phenomenal brand visibility, as well as excellent business-generating opportunities via the coordination and cross-leveraging of our channel-specific products, services and expertise.


DAAily Platforms boasts more than 21 million social-media followers, who engage strongly across various channels: 8.9 million followers on instagram, 5.5 million followers on facebook, 3.3 million followers on twitter, 2.4 million followers on pinterest, 530,000 followers on wechat and almost 900,000 connections on linkedin.

designboom joins architonic archdaily to create world's biggest online A&D destination
homepages of DAAily Platforms:, and



Designboom: A new chapter for the ultimate design-news reference


with 3.5 million monthly visitors alone and over 200,000 active contributions from the architecture and design community, designboom is the undisputed news-and-trends reference for the industry internationally. 


having spent the past 23 years building up designboom with passion and dedication, we’re excited to embark on this fresh chapter,‘ explains designboom editor-in-chief birgit lohmann. ‘we started out at the same time as google, before the rise of publishing software and social media. while we have since become an industry benchmark, we carry the same drive to innovate and bring real value to our creative community that we had as young disruptors.


we’ve partnered with architonic for many years, and are delighted to take the next step and become one organisation. there is much potential for significant strategic synergies. we’ll be able to make a difference, to amplify stories, to multiply visibility and to generate a leading pool of business opportunities.


designboom CEO massimo mini adds: ‘our editorial team is made up of more than 200,000 active contributors from around the world. this horizontal distribution of information means that cultural conversations are developed directly by our readers, and don’t follow any fixed hierarchical systems or chains of command. having fast, agile access to a highly engaged community provides us all with an efficient way to iterate on ideas, to challenge and inspire, empowering youth through creative expression.‘ 



to the power of three! we welcome the new era of DAAily Platforms!