aric snee crafts my phone amp from blown glass
all images courtesy of aric snee





american artist aric snee has created the ‘my phone amp’, a custom built audio system exclusively for the iphone. the design has been formed from molten glass, shaped with wooden tongs. specifically constructed to multiply decibels — or the ratio between two values of intensity — of a phone’s speakers, the sleek device boasts enhanced sound without a volume control panel. the iPhone can be positioned or reversed according to ones preference on the freestanding glass structure. a bilateral construction fills the room with volume, while allowing unrestricted access to the iPhone’s home button.

aric snee my phone amp designboom 2
‘my phone amp’ positions the device at the preferred viewing angle

aric snee my phone amp designboom 3
the bilateral design wraps the room in sound

aric snee my phone amp designboom 4
aric snee makes each piece by hand with exacting precision

aric snee my phone amp designboom 5
the molten glass is shaped with wooden tongs

aric snee my phone amp designboom 6
halfway through shaping



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