‘compo-station’ by ariel rojo design studio, goethe institut, UNAM and faro de indios verdesall images courtesy of taina campos and césar r. mariscal



ariel rojo design studio in collaboration with the goethe institut, students from UNAM and faro indios verdes have developed a ‘compo-station’ that converts organic waste into compost while producing high quality fertilizer. the vermicompost is made of three 19 litre buckets cut into three different heights to create separate levels. the first is where fresh remains are placed which comes directly from the kitchen. the second, holds a variety of red wigglers, white and other earthworms acting as a transition space made of bio-refuse mixed with other bedding materials. the final stage holds an collection of leachate, a liquid which is used in the process for top-dressing development. the workstation is made of standard sized pieces of lumber and of 12mm plywood.



ariel rojo design studio: compo station(left) final process containing water-soluble nutrients for fertilizer(right) break down of organic material



the project is an exchange of knowledge, ideas and practices that explores how art can serve as a catalyst to achieve positive change in society, urbanization and the environment. the workshop entitled ‘RE-MEX‘ brought individuals together from countries such as germnay, france, poland, united kingdom, sweden, spain and mexico to raise awareness and encourage a shared responsibility of global issues and to develop creative solutions through trade and craft. the product will be available through copyleft design for those who want to purchase the piece



ariel rojo design studio: compo stationworkstation


ariel rojo design studio: compo stationdetail



list of participants:

goethe institut:jenny mügelclaudia wondratschke


UNAM:tania marina acevedo granadostaina campos garcíanancy karen carrasco sánchezlorena gallardo nielsencarlos iván marcelli espejellesly yobany mendoza mendozaedali yareni murillo gómezirma dalia quiroga cornejoandrea ríos gallegocésar rivera mariscaljohanna serna zuluaga


faro de indios verdes:lesly yobany mendoza mendoza


ariel rojo design studio:ariel rojorodolfo kusulas


photography:taina camposcésar r. mariscal


model:marissa castillo lópez