designed by arik levy, VIBIA’s ‘north’ lamp collection recreates the varying light angles and intensities of the sun. the changing seasons and how this effects the lighting in spaces, was a key influence for the design, and resonates strongly in its structure. here, its LED light source and base, which can be attached to the wall, ceiling or in a mobile stand, are displaced, helping it create unexpected and unique environments.

the VIBIA north lighting design offers unique luminous effects




the ‘north’ lamp collection for VIBIA, the barcelona-based lighting company, is characterized by its traditional shade that is suspended by an elongated pole or wall-mounted arm.  furthermore, the arik levy-created collection enables multiple supports to be combined and arranged in order to provide localized luminous effects wherever is needed. this flexibility is an integral and important distinguish of the design as it unlocks new spaces inside of rooms.

the lamp can be wall mounted, suspended from the ceiling or erected from a base




as a collection, the VIBIA ‘north’ lamps are available in multiple finishes; graphite, white, cream and matt blue. this further exemplifies the lighting design’s flexible character and advocates for its suitability in private residences, contract applications and public spaces.

the varying sunlight of the changing seasons was an important influence for the design





deconstructing: discover north
video courtesy of VIBIA


the ‘north’ lamp was designed by arik levy


the VIBIA north lamp is available in graphite, white, cream and matt blue color finishes


multiple supports can be combined and arranged to create specific focuses of light


the traditional shade is suspended by an elongated pole or wall-mounted arm




the light source and base are displaced, creating a unique luminous effect


its stylish design makes its suitable for private residences, offices and public spaces


the lamp is characterized by its LED light source