‘stream’ by arik levy for palau all images courtesy of palau 

french-israeli designer arik levy has created ‘stream’, a modular sofa for dutch design label palau. the flexible system enables the user to adjust backrest heights, armrests, colors, materials and the length of the base. for a finishing touch, a seaming detail visually connects the pieces,  and accentuates the form of the couch. an optional storage elements can be added to the ends, either elongating the sofa or used as a link  between two separate units. 

stream is not just another sofa for me. it is a platform to meet and connect. like a river that streams, the sofa will swing around
the space creating a kind of micro architecture within the room.
‘ – arik levy 

arik levy: stream sofa for palau love-seat modular sofa combination 

arik levy: stream sofa for palauadjustable backrest and storage 

arik levy: stream sofa for palaudifferent heights available 

arik levy: stream sofa for palau large material and color combinations available in the collection 

arik levy: stream sofa for palaufence table