arik levy adapts wood-bending technology in split + bloom series for TON
all images courtesy of TON




on the occasion of the 2015 salone del mobile in milan, TON introduces the ‘split’ and ‘bloom’ collections by arik levy. drawing reference from the craft of wood-bending in their design, the family of chairs and tables adapts the more than 150-year old tradition to correspond with today’s technological standards, enabling the construction of a product that has never before been realized.


‘to take the past and bring it to the future was my initial idea. all the products from this family were born from just one idea, the idea of bending – not in the way it is usually used, but to give it a new shape’ arik levy describes. ‘in this case, the wood is divided into two parts and each part is bent in a different direction. it is a new experience for me, the TON company and the product itself’. the series marks the first time that bent splits of massive wood act as both an aesthetic and functional element of seating furniture.

arik levy TON split chair bloom table designboom
‘split’ chair with blue gradient




the ‘split’ collection is comprised of a chair, bar stool, armchair and lounge chair.


the chair’s base is formed with manually-bent split-lengths of massive wood. these elements are slid behind the seat and backrest to create a complete support system. the composition of the barstool — offered in high and low height variants, with or without an upholstered seat and backrest — is structured on the form of the ‘split’ chair, and includes the addition of a connected bent joint at its base that serves as a comfortable footrest.

arik levy TON split chair bloom table designboom
the family of ‘split’ chairs in various finishes




the armchair is suitable for dining-tables, living-rooms, or as a stand alone unit, with a seat embraced by a higher, upholstered backrest. the lounge armchair’s raised backrest, upholstery and ergonomic seating serves as a comfortable space for seating. additionally, a detail of a seam running along the length of the back and armrests are decorated by a special trim. the entire ‘split’ collection is offered in ash-wood, available in a variation of sprayed colored gradients that shift from saturated tones to natural wooden material finishes.

arik levy split chair TON designboom

‘split chair’ with soft elements


arik levy TON split chair bloom table designboom
‘split’ lounge armchair

arik levy TON split chair bloom table designboom
‘split’ armchair

arik levy TON split chair bloom table designboom
the ‘bloom’ series of five small tables are characterized by a central pedestal




arik levy’s ‘bloom’ collection of tables similarly sources wood-bending technology, but varies in construction — rather than particular parts coming from one single piece, each of the constituent elements are bent individually. the series comprises a dining-table and a set of five small tables characterized by a central pedestal, with height varying from 30 – 105 centimeters. offered in round or square shaped-surfaces, the versatile units — adaptable for living-rooms, bars, cafés or restaurants — incorporate a joinery that recalls organic forms such as a split piece of a tree trunk, or a flower in blossom.

arik levy TON split chair bloom table designboom
high and low ‘split’ bar stool with ‘bloom’ table

arik levy TON split chair bloom table designboom
‘split’ chair and ‘bloom’ table presented in a dining room context


arik levy presents the new split collection
video courtesy of TONdesigncz


arik levy split chair TON designboom
arik levy overlooking the production of the ‘split’ chair

wood-bending technologies have been employed to form the bent wood pieces which comprise ‘split’ and ‘bloom’

a bent piece of wood to be used in the making of the ‘split’ collection