combining a perfect balance of fashion style with expert furniture design knowledge, arketipo firenze creations are expressive pieces that emanate glamour. this philosophy helps the brand continuously evolve and innovate, yet ensures they remain true to their heritage. for the salone del mobile 2017, arketipo present their latest work, which includes renewed collaborations with designers such as gino carollo, leonardo dainelli, mauro lipparini and giuseppe viganò. the furniture pieces display a range of fabric, color shades and material choices which are tailored with the same flare and care as seen in fashion. by doing so, the 2017 line-up is unique, full of entrepreneurial expression and conveys exclusive elegance.

the arketipo ‘nash’ sofa in white
all images courtesy of arketipo


the sofa is available in a choice of materials and colors



available in different configurations, arketipo’s ‘nash’ sofa by mauro lipparini features asymmetric geometry that conveys a sense of lightness and dynamism. its thin wings and slim yet solid feet help reflect these characteristics. the furniture piece is composed of individual elements that can be combined to create unique shapes of different sizes, forms and depths. furthermore, the sofa is additionally customizable with a variety of choice of materials and colors.

mauro lipparini’s ‘nash’ sofa for arketipo in its black leather edition


its slim but solid feet reflect an image of lightness


the arketipo ‘mayfair’ sofa by leonardo dainelli



at the salone del mobile 2017, arketipo also presents the ‘mayfair’ sofa designed by leonardo dainelli, which as its name suggests, oozes in high class and exclusivity. the modern piece stuns with a theatrical attitude thanks to its large and comfortable form, and its adjustable back. conveying an even more sophisticated appeal, the ‘mayfair’ is suited in velvet, displaying a very fashionable image.

its comfort is heightened with an adjustable back


the arketipo ‘manta’ armchair by giuseppe viganò



designed by giuseppe viganò, arketipo’s ‘manta’ armchair was ‘born to astonish’ and expresses a very provocative and strong personality. the chaise longue enables multiple sitting positions to provide an enveloping and personal experience. this is a result of the furniture’s more informal and lounge-like form, as dominated by its curved arm, yet still imposes an elegant appearance with its choice of material.

the form conveys elegance yet extreme comfort due to its soft and undulating curves


the arketipo ‘barracuda’ by giuseppe viganò



as a modern armchair with a slim shape, the ‘barracuda’ by giuseppe viganò is defined by its thinness and strong materials. lightness is expressed through its minimal feet and its suspended seat that floats seemingly impossible with complete capability. furthermore, its neoprene back – a fabric used for diving suits – is comfortable, elastic and highly resilient.

the armchair is defined by its thinness



at the salone del mobile 2017, arketipo also presents more pieces to its 2017 collection. this includes the ‘douglas’ sofa by mauro lipparini, and two additional armchairs by gino carollo; the ‘bubble bobble’, and the ‘dorian’.