‘arkcanary ii’ analog speakers for iPhone, designed by arkwhat

the creation of US-based arkwhat, ‘arkcanary ii’ is an analog acoustic speaker for iPhones.

the trumpet-shaped device simply amplifies sound from the iPhone’s built-in speaker. it clips directly onto the phone, and is compatible for use with the company’s foam arkhippo cases.

with renders and basic materials testing complete, the company is currently in talks with korean manufacturers to create an inexpensive, ecologically sound product, and is seeking funding through its kickstarter page.

arkwhat: arkcanary ii a white ‘arkcanary ii’, shown with white ‘arkhippo’ case

arkwhat: arkcanary ii view from back of an orange ‘arkcanary ii’

arkwhat: arkcanary ii the device clips easily onto iPhones over the built-in speaker

arkwhat: arkcanary ii full render of green model

arkwhat: arkcanary ii blue ‘arkcanary ii’

image slideshow of the ‘arkcanary’