artemide presents 2022 collection at salone del mobile

artemide presents 2022 collection at salone del mobile



Italian lighting manufacturer, Artemide, presents the 2022 collection at Salone del Mobile during Milan Design Week 2022. Known for collaborating with renowned Italian and international architects and designers, this year’s collection sees products by BIG, Foster+Partners, Michele De Lucchi, Mario Cucinella, and Herzog & de Meuron, among others. 


Some Artemide classics are also celebrated with new editions, like Richard Sapper’s Tizio, and Michele De Lucchi’s Tolomeo which is now outfitted with INTEGRALIS® technology that makes spaces safer by sanitizing the surfaces that it lights.

artemide presents 2022 collection at salone del mobile
tolomeo lamp by michele de lucchi




The new Artemide collection has been presented at Salone del Mobile.Milano in a booth designed by Mario Cucinella and the MCA Design Unit. Rendered in the brand’s red, the design pays tribute to the Ziggurat building in Mesopotamia. Meaning ‘high place’, these buildings were situated in the highest point of the city and was designated for priests who would go there and gaze at the stars.


The booth features two identical mirrored structures that guide visitors through a narrative trail which includes the different luminaires. Mario Cucinella describes the space as ‘a place with pure, precise and geometric lines. a “solid” yet concurrently “harmonious” space that emphasizes the aesthetics of the collection by Artemide while also representing its story.’

artemide presents 2022 collection at salone del mobile
IXA by foster+partners


As for the novelties, Foster+Partners presents IXA, an Alexander Calder-inspired lighting family featuring a spherical head with a 360º freedom of movement. Completely detachable, the head separates the electrical cable from the mechanism and is connected to the structure by itself by a magnet.


‘Foster + Partners’ Industrial Design Studio works with craftspeople and manufacturers to create exceptional

and timeless products which have evolved through an iterative design process. Slight variations in applied weight and movement have informed the design of the IXA lamp, which provides users with an analogue, highly personalized experience.’ – Mike Holland – Head of industrial design – Foster+Partners.

artemide presents 2022 collection at salone del mobile
TAKKU by foster+partners


The British architecture practice also presents TAKKU, a portable lamp that provides a diffused yet controlled light. The design is characterized by a slim light profile which marks the end of the head, revealing a soft light emitted by the lower surface. Available in red, green, blue and gray.

artemide presents 2022 collection at salone del mobile
ossidio by michele de lucchi


Apart from Tolomeo’s new embedded technology, Michele De Lucchi presents Osidio, a chandelier where three branched arms distribute six luminous heads, opening them with respect to the surface being lit.


‘I was designing a large, cone-shaped lamp diffuser and as I was drawing the components, I thought I could simplify the shape by integrating the light bodies into the arms of the frame. When I saw the beauty of these luminous lines during the prototyping stage, I was convinced that it would be unnecessary to add a traditional tapered diffuser. So I undressed the project, removing all the superstructures and what was left is a slim and light chandelier reminiscent of arboreal inflorescence. Artemide embraced the idea and has the great merit of having developed a specific lighting technology project for it. Indeed, although the light crown is not shielded by a diffuser, the light never strikes the eyes because the lenses of the LEDs direct it vertically onto the work surface, so the lamp never causes glare.’ – Michele De Lucchi, May 2022

artemide presents 2022 collection at salone del mobile
kata metron by mario cucinella


Mario Cucinella’s Kata Metron is a lighting system that draws inspiration from the relationship between art, architecture and philosophy — measurement. The system allows the creation of an infinite number of combinations and shapes, resulting in a design that can be tailored to any space.


‘Katà Métron makes it possible to create lighting micro-architectures that can be adapted to any space, shape and size. Together with Artemide, we have created an object capable of organizing and redefining the space that surrounds us according to the most disparate needs.’ – Mario Cucinella

artemide presents 2022 collection at salone del mobile
veil by BIG


BIG’s new product is called Veil, a ceiling lamp featuring eleven arms connected around a core that supports and feeds them. Its graphic and minimal presence can be dressed with a diffuser that rests on the structure. The diffusers are different for fiber composition and texture but come from the same research of innovative, sustainable and ethic solutions as alternatives to more traditional and industrial textiles with higher carbon footprint. The fabrics selected for the diffusers come only from fibers existing in nature, spun through mechanical processes without undergoing chemical processes.



stellar nebula by BIG


Another novelty from BIG is the iridescent Stellar Nebula family of suspension lamps. In this project, BIG designs the shapes of a suspension lamp and allows the beauty of the craftsmanship to come through, proclaiming the value and uniqueness that comes from ancient techniques handed down through the generations. The master glassmaker is in fact called upon to not only shape the glass by blowing into a standard mold, but to also express his know-how with techniques that softly reshape the regular, basic shape and accentuate the diversity of each handcrafted piece.

artemide presents 2022 collection at salone del mobile
alphabet by BIG


Other novelties include smaller upper case letters for BIG’s Alphabet; Gople System and Vine Light also by BIG; Funivia by Carlotta de Bevilacqua; a smaller version of Herzog & de Meuron’s El Poris, as well as Unterlinden; Se|eS by Carolina Gismondi dB e Daniele Moioli; and Discovery by Ernesto Gismondi.

artemide presents 2022 collection at salone del mobile
funivia by carlota bevilacqua

artemide presents 2022 collection at salone del mobile
vine by BIG

artemide presents 2022 collection at salone del mobile
unterlinden by herzog & de Meuron


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presented at: Salone del Mobile.Milano

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