to coincide with the recent festival of design in london, building and engineering firm arup have launched a new circular economy product range for the home and office in collaboration with with social enterprise goldfinger factory. the ‘GOLDBORNE’ range comprises a range of recycled products for the home and office including small, medium and large storage and desk products.
arup goldfinger factory goldborne the crown estate designboom
food safe storage containers with lids available in a range of woods



the product range appears modern and contemporary combining translucent jars with a cut solid timber lid adding a lightweight warmth and character. all materials have been developed by repurposing materials including waste, blow moulded polyethylene milk bottles and waste timber from interior refurbishment projects. the concept comes full circle with all components having the ability to be separated and replaced or recycled at the end of their lifespan.
arup goldfinger factory goldborne the crown estate designboom
food safe storage containers


the collaboration is the result of a study undertaken by arup’s product design team on behalf of the crown estate to identify how dry operational waste from regent street could be reused as a low impact resource for new upcycled products. the partnership between arup and gold finger factory – an award-winning design studio and teaching platform known for their focus on upcycling – forms part of the property manager’s ambition to eliminate waste from across its central london portfolio by 2030.
arup goldfinger factory goldborne the crown estate designboom
desk tidy lids are available in two sizes


‘the GOLBORNE range offers a sustainable approach to the manufacture of functional and beautiful products’, comments marie cudennec, co-founder of goldfinger factory. ‘one that uses waste as a resource with minimum impact whilst providing less advantaged people with the know how to make a living from upcycling in the future.’

arup goldfinger factory goldborne the crown estate designboom
the full range of golborne styles and finishes


‘like all designers, we are in a privileged position to influence people and the products they use in their everyday lives’, explains stephen philips, leader of arup’s product design. ‘it carries a weighty responsibility to do the best possible job for current and future generations as our work leaves a significant legacy to society.’



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