ash tray skully prods smokers to quit with functional form
images courtesy of christian sjostrom




taking its design cues from the morbid habit of smoking, ‘ash tray skully by christian sjostrom, modifies the critical accessory for smoking into a symbol of death. the eyes make an exemplary receptacle for rolling ashes while the teeth easily grip a lit cigarette.  by juxtaposing mortality with an enjoyable habit, the concrete work inserts macabre humor into a daily routine.


if the piece succeeds in driving the smoker to quitting, the recessed form of the skull is ideal for storing change with the teeth doubling as a pencil holder in lieu of a resting cigarette. 

a detailed perspective of the skull’s eyes


poster revealing the pleasure of smoking juxtaposed with its innately damaging aspects

details of the product’s measurements

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edited by: trevor reed | designboom