following the success of last year’s ‘kitchen ecology’ exhibition, designboom and dwell on design are collaborating for the second time with ‘asia now’, a show which will explore asia’s design culture.

asia is a treasure trove of cross-cultural interchanges and the exhibition ‘asia now’ centers around rising talent in this quickly changing environment. ‘asia now’ will take you on a visual journey through inspirational, contrasting iconography and innovative design solutions of the orient.

curated by designboom, the exhibition will be shown in los angeles at the ‘dwell on design‘ fair, june 25 -27, 2010.

‘asia now’ is taking into account the contemporary material culture of 11 countries


‘asia now’ is a non profit project. we welcome all suggestions and feedback here

how to participate call for participation open now! do you wish to exhibit your work with us?

please send us photos of products or prototypes – of what you would like to show in this exhibition. we expect to receive several hundred applications, which will be collected and reviewed by designboom. we have a limited capacity of pieces that can be shown, selection is sure to be tough…

your work and your contact details will be featured in the exhibition, in our online preview and in the report of the exhibition. along with your participation in the exhibition we offer you the possibility of providing us with your own press material which will be made readily available at the show.

email your submissions here subject line: ‘asia-now’. emails should not exceed 3 MB (.jpg, .gif, psd, pdf, doc files accepted)

dwell on design is a three day festival of modern design in LA, featuring exhibitions, a design conference, home tours and special events.

asia now: exploring design culture

kitchen ecology: recipes for good design dwell on design, los angeles convention centre june 26th to 28th, 2009

last year’s ‘kitchen ecology’ exhibition invited designers to submit their recipes for good design revolving around the kitchen environment. the show discussed solar power and energy solutions along with at-home ideas in which we can reduce our carbon footprint within our homes. the show was such a hit in los angeles that designboom was invited to present the ‘kitchen ecology’ exhibition in korea at the seoul design festival 2009. since then, ‘kitchen ecology’ has received a lot of interest and has been translated into japanese, thai and korean and published globally.

asia now: exploring design culturepublications from thailand and korea have featured the ‘kitchen ecology’ exhibition