‘arteologie’ by atelier 37.2 in auvergne, france all images © atelier 37.2




italian-french design studio atelier 37.2 have created ‘aretologie’ a large-scale land art piece which speaks to the nature of the volcanic region of auvergne, france where it is installed. the overall form of the work recalls the shape of a mammoth and appears as a giant skeleton rising out of the excavations of the region’s summit of puy de serveix. constructed from wooden posts and long planks, the monumental sculpture has been conceived in accordance to the expansive landscape in which it is situated and can be observed from a certain distance, tending to disappear as one nears it. a viewpoint indicator – 300 meters from the summit – accompanies the work. ‘arteologie’ is on show until september 14th, 2012 as part of horizons 2012 ‘arts nature’ in sancy, france.

atelier 32.7: arteologie the skeletal framework of the land art installation is formed from wooden posts and planks strategically arranged across the landscape


atelier 32.7: arteologie from one angle, ‘arteologie’ looks like rows of wooden planks, while from another it appears as a skeleton of a mammoth


atelier 32.7: arteologie alternative view


atelier 32.7: arteologie view from the summit


atelier 32.7: arteologie

atelier 32.7: arteologie constructing the installation…


atelier 32.7: arteologie bending and weaving the wooden boards between the posts to create a curved wall


atelier 32.7: arteologie up close view


atelier 32.7: arteologie overall view