atelier JMCA converts peugeot boxer into adjustable mobile office

atelier JMCA converts peugeot boxer into adjustable mobile office

meet the ‘nomadic office’ for two by atelier jmca


architecture studio atelier JMCA converted a peugeot boxer into a mobile workspace for two, dubbed the ‘nomadic office’. this transformation enables users to truly work independently wherever they are, for a week or more throughout the year. half commercial vehicle, half fitted-out minivan, the now-transformed boxer features a new inner layout made of colored and oiled birch plywood panels with flexible stations. 

nomadic office 1
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a retractable panel system swiftly altering between functions 


while converting the peugeot boxer, the architects worked on an easily adjustable environment to alter the living space configuration with minimum effort. this adaptability appears through the simple use of a completely retractable system, made of 15cm thick panels, that serves simultaneously as a double bed, desk, dining table, and storage. with this particular system, the 3m x 2m main area quickly evolves throughout the day, according to users’ needs — from free space to office for two, and sleeping area. 


nomadic office 11
removable outer shelf for working outside



when the system is upright, users will find a board that can bends at 90° to serve as a desk or dining table. with a 5cm thickness, the mechanical resistance allows it to hold without a base, bringing comfort and more free space. to activate ‘night mode’, one can fold the desk by simply unlocking two sliding bolts, opening up a bed that lays on the opposite seat where two wooden blocks offer firm support.


once the bed unfolds, a full-length walk-in closet appears, made of vertical frames and shelves on which clothes are rolled up and then held with rubber bands. the kitchen and lavatory sit at the front of the car, right behind the seats.


during the design phase of the project, the architects made a 3D laser scan survey of the vehicle to create a precise CAD drawing of the bodywork and take advantage of each available space. by using this technology, they took control of the whole process, from design to production.

nomadic office 4
space adaptability shown through the simple use of a retractable panel system



fitting the space with insulation and a heating system 


to keep the vehicle energy self-sufficient, atelier JMCA equipped it with two 330 watts solar panels on the car roof and two 80L water tanks for fresh water and wastewater. the van also combines both insulation and a heating system. the inner car body is covered with a thin layer of cork, combined with other 45mm thick flexible panels made of wool, hemp, flax, and cotton. meanwhile, a diesel heating system allows owners to use the van any time of the year.

nomadic office 3
3m x 2m main area quickly evolves throughout the day, according to owners’ needs

atelier JMCA converts peugeot boxer into adjustable mobile office
kitchen and lavatory are located at the front of the car, right behind the seats

nomadic office 12
exterior shelf detail












project info:


name: nomadic office
design: atelier JMCA
vehicle model: peugeot boxer, H2 – L3, 6m (L) x 2m (W)



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