‘table for 100’s’ by atelier urban nomads  all images courtesy of atelier urban nomads 

portugal-based design collective atelier urban nomads were commissioned by konya2023 to create an outdoor
public dining experience, ‘table for 100’s’ in fukuoka, japan. for the project, a series of scenarios revolving around food consumption
of both japanese and portuguese origins were connected into one long table. this united both the social and gastronomical conventions
with each culture’s traditions. the roof of konya’s building was used as the platform, and was transformed into a merging of dining customs,
ranging from home, restaurants, and offices according to different times of the day and different lengths of meals.
the table shifts in height, width and seating capacity, taking into consideration the way food is served and cooked,
the distance between the users, the various ages of the people, and the amount of time each group spends dining.
with the variety of choices available at the same time, a cross conversation was generated, fusing together the traditions
of two vastly different cultures.  

atelier urban nomads: table for hundredsdifferent height tables allow for diverse dining scenarios 

atelier urban nomads: table for hundredsa fusion of japanese and portuguese cuisine

atelier urban nomads: table for hundredscardboard models in the midst of construction 

atelier urban nomads: table for hundredsoverview of models and setup 

atelier urban nomads: table for hundredsillustration of concept 

atelier urban nomads: table for hundredssite plan

‘[table for 100’s] : under construction’ by urbanomads