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AXOR one: barber osgerby imagines three 'compact luxury' bathrooms

AXOR ‘one’, designed by barber osgerby, shifts the achetype in two ways. the new collection of washbasin, bathtub and shower fittings expands upon the interactive control element for the shower – revealed in 2015 – and the corresponding hand-held shower in 2017. the complementary products refine the familiar shapes with greater clarity, enhanced function and empowering control. they evoke an exquisite elegance to any bathroom. however, furthering the exploration of ‘compact luxury’ – a megatrend identified by AXOR that questions the future of urban living – the british designers use the ‘one’ collection to reimagine personal spaces. three exclusive bathroom concepts capture this idea of ‘compact luxury’.

AXOR one: barber osgerby imagines three 'compact luxury' bathrooms
with the AXOR ‘one’ collection, barber osgerby imagines three bathroom concepts that capture ‘compact luxury’
all images courtesy of AXOR



with 31-pieces, barber osgerby shapes the AXORone‘ collection in a unified design language of slender silhouettes, flat surfaces, soft corners and balanced proportions. the gentle taper to the faucet’s curved spout accentuates this aesthetic. the overhead showers and hand-held showers feature monolithic forms with spray discs that hint at the rain or powdertain spray types available. a slim, all-in-one showerpipe combines the overhead shower, hand-held shower, wall bar and wall outlet for a clean look.

AXOR one: barber osgerby imagines three 'compact luxury' bathrooms
slender silhouettes, flat surfaces and soft corners shape the washbasin, bathtub and shower fittings



the collection is powered by advanced select technology that offers a new mode of interaction as users’ press down on its all-in-one controller to start or stop the water, and turn clockwise to increase the temperature. this means, for faucet or even the shower spray types, the thermostatic module enables highly responsive, precise control for a personal well-being experience. each product is available in chrome, matt black and an array of exclusive AXOR finishplus surfaces.

AXOR one: barber osgerby imagines three 'compact luxury' bathrooms
in matt black, AXOR ‘one’ faucets sit atop double washbasins



in the first of three bathrooms conceptualized by barber osgerby, the ‘contemporary industrial’ is fashioned in a new york loft-style, as if revitalizing a former factor. the residents have appointed a large share of their limited living space for a bathroom that doubles as a recreation area. industrial windows offer views across the city, flooding natural light into the spacious double-height interior with exposed brickwork and steel beams. a modern free-standing bath and floor-standing bath faucet in matt black take center stage. adjacent, AXOR ‘one’ faucets sit atop double washbasins mounted on a long, vintage wooden cabinet. beneath the mezzanine, inhabitants step down into a large double shower area.


space is really important, and I think what has happened historically is that the bathroom has always been confined to a really tiny space. think that, where possible, it’s great to be more generous with the footprint for that room, which is why, in our design concept for a new york loft bathroom, we appointed a large share of the limited living space in the city for a bathroom as a recreation area,explains jay osgerby.


styled as a new york loft, the ‘contemporary industrial’ bathroom devotes a large share of space to the bathroom



considering the needs of the cosmopolitan traveler, the ‘international elegance’ bathroom welcomes hotel guests in a warm, relaxed atmosphere rich with luxurious touches. the open-plan layout still affords seclusion whilst enabling activities in the room to merge seamlessly. creating a natural environment, slatted teak lines the space whilst a glass partition divides the shower area and washbasin. AXOR ‘one’ fixtures are finished in polished gold optic. this includes an overhead shower with a 600mm ceiling arm extension. sitting atop a worktop in dark natural stone and washstand handmade from teak, the washbasin has a contrasting wall-mounted faucet.

AXOR one: barber osgerby imagines three 'compact luxury' bathrooms
finished in polished gold optic, the AXOR ‘one’ fittings evoke a warm, natural impression


the ‘international elegance’ bathroom considers the needs of the cosmopolitan traveler



orientated for a young family, the ‘modern simplicity’ showcases scandinavian design in a copenhagen bathroom. as its name suggests, the concept explores the theme of modern simplicity but with a remarkable sense of spaciousness. there is a thoughtful layout and well-chosen objects, colors and finishes as well as generous use of natural light from the large, frameless skylight on the vaulted ceiling and the tall wall slot window. a large wood-framed mirror amplifies this roominess. a muted palette of cool greys and off-whites combine with these light timber tones, such as natural oak. the expansive stone washbasin features two AXOR one 3-hole faucets finished in the luxurious but understated brushed nickel – one of a variety of exclusive AXOR finishplus surfaces. an open shower area offers versatile well-being options thanks to a wall-mounted overhead, shoulder-height and hand-held shower. a wooden bathtub then completes the concept.


compact but generous, this bathroom feels larger due to the high vaulted ceiling with a central skylight as the focal point,concludes edward barber.

AXOR one: barber osgerby imagines three 'compact luxury' bathrooms
a brushed nickel finish adorns the 3-hole faucets and overhead, shoulder-height and hand-held shower


the ‘modern simplicity’ bathroom surprises by maximizing the sense of spaciousness

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