AXOR waterdream’s bespoke spouts created by ÉCAL students
the ‘glass’ by jordane vernet
images courtesy of AXOR




focusing on the AXOR‘s universal fixture base, students of ECAL/university of art and design lausanne, switzerland, have unveiled a collection of bespoke spout designs. attaching to the ‘u-base’ using an easy click-in system, the conceptual, high-quality fixtures enable a range of combination possibilities. this new vision of freedom in industrial design, is on display at milan’s via durini 15, from april 13th to may 31st 2015, coinciding with the milan design week and the expo.


the ‘glass’ by jordane vernet, features a conical shape, above the spout, which creates a space to stack cups in a smart way. it conveniently provides a drinking glass, keeps the sink area tiday, and can add extra color to the fixture.

the carafe by léa pereyre and claire pondard




designed by léa pereyre and claire pondard, the ‘carafe’, when unplugged, can hold and pour water. when plugged into AXOR’s ‘u-base’ system, the design’s handle functions as a beautiful, yet hidden spout.

the vanity mirror by thomas elliott burns




the ‘vanity mirror’ changes our expected landscape of the bathroom. the bespoke concept, designed by thomas elliott burns, combines the faucet with a mirror and a small shelf space.

the lotus by iris andreadis




the ‘lotus’ by iris andreadis, sources its shape from the leaf of the sacred lotus plant. as well as conveying a sense of calm and serenity, the faucet brings nature to the room.

the bend by stanislaw czarnocki and katarzyna kempa




created in a collaboration between stanislaw czarnocki and katarzyna kempa, the ‘bend’ enhances a standard tube shape by adding a single cut, bending a portion away from the main body. it reflects simplicity in production methods, creating an elegant addition to the bathroom.


AXOR waterdream 2015 with ÉCAL, creating their own spout
video courtesy of hansgrohe




front on view of the carafe, glass and lotus spouts


the final glass spouts are hand-blown by glass-blower matteo gonet


the bend and vanity mirror spouts