on the path of one of his creative-collaborative-spiritual journeys, experimental artist and professional free-thinker, ilan reuben, discovered what he believes to be the backpack of the future, ‘orbis’ by ilanio. the ergonomic packs (available in black, white, red, and clear) meet at the crossroads of design, artistic expression, and human experience.

model wears see-through-me clear orbis backpack



haven’t heard of reuben? he founded the concept brand ilanio and is the father of many curios projects. YOKE (4-polytopic merkabah), for example, is yoga-meets-bondage with a paradoxically warm center. surprisingly more provocative is OOH BALLOON. fun, fetish, fashion, ski masks, balloons, grinding: it’s a niche idea bound to extremely please a select few.

model wears white mirror orbis backpack



supreme beings, deva: alpha, nightlife on other planets –– ilanio is full of eye-catching, mind-altering fashion collabs and installations. currently, the orbis backpack is the only concept up for sale on the website’s shop. red light, see-through-me, white mirror, and dark matter are in limited supply. are they out of this world, or just plain out there? 

model holds dark matter orbis backpack

ilaniomodel holds red light orbis backpackilanio

25 red light orbis backpacks are available for $295

150 see-though-me orbis backpacks are available for $245

25 white mirror packs are available for $395

ilanio25 dark matter orbis packs are available for $345ilaniosideview of red light orbis packilanio

sideview of see-through-me orbis pack

ilaniosideview of white mirror orbis packilanio

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