‘baguette table’ by studio rygalikall images by nick albert / kollektiv fischka



in wanting to generate a discussion about food waste – using vienna as case study where food thrown away in the austrian capital could feed half of the population of graz – studio rygalik of poland, went in search of finding new ways in which to make use of basic, but less obvious materials, around us to build as is evident in their series of ‘baguette tables’ which are exactly as their name implies. taking stale pieces of the typicallong and narrow french bread, they cut the loaves to varying lengths, their exposed ends leveled to create the table tops, the longer pieces providing support and stability, functioning as multiple legs, as well as providing some tasty, visual appeal.



baguette tables by studio rygalikthe cut ends of the french loaves are leveled to create the table tops



baguette tables by studio rygalik



baguette tables by studio rygaliktop view



baguette tables by studio rygalik




the work is part of an exhibition ‘the food project. the shape of taste‘ curated by beppe finessi at the MaRT/ museo di arte moderna e contemporanea di trento e rovereto. the show presents the art of industrial projects and experimental design applied to food. open to public from february 9 to june 2, 2013.