after getting in trouble with an NYC souvenir company a few months ago over a kitschy tote bag, balenciaga has again been accused of copyright infringement, this time on a new accessory it launched last week. the luxury fashion house is being sued by an air freshener company for its leather tree-shaped key rings that look suspiciously similar to the scented kind most commonly seen hanging from rear-view mirrors.


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according to legal documents obtained by TMZ, car-freshner corporation little trees is suing balenciaga for using its iconic design without permission. documents show the corporation secured a trademark for the design back in 1952. little trees claims its design is so famous that even big companies have licensed them including kia motors and capital one. the concern is that customers may get the two confused although a distinct difference in price makes them easy to differentiate – a 1-pack of little trees will set you back around $3 and balenciaga’s key ring goes for around $275. little trees is demanding that hands over any profits made from its tree products.

balenciaga is being sued for copying little trees air fresheners

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it comes shorty after demna gvasalia, creative director of balenciaga, came under fire in august for plagiarising the design of city merchandise inc’s souvenir totes. city merchandise inc’s filing against the label referenced its habit of infringing copyright regulations. gvasalia has previously presented expensive iterations of DHL T-shirts, IKEA shopping bags, croc footwear and more. TMZ has reportedly reached out to the label but is yet to receive a response.